Male Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Parma, Ohio

Millions of men are affected by symptoms of urinary incontinence in their daily life. An especially common form of urinary incontinence in men is stress incontinence.

What Is Stress Incontinence?

This form of urinary incontinence causes a loss of bladder control in response to a sudden pressure on the bladder. Such pressure can stem from intense exercise, a cough, or even something as little as laughter. Leakages caused by stress incontinence can range from a few small drops up to emptying of the bladder.

This unending struggle to control the bladder and its surrounding tissues can be frustrating and degrading for many, but it does not have to be. Dr. Aram Loeb is able to provide a variety of effective urinary incontinence treatment options based on the individual patient and their unique case.

Non-Surgical Treatments

If urinary leakage is minor and does not occur often, then patients may find it easiest to manage their symptoms without surgery. These non-surgical treatments most often consist of one or more of the following:

  • Prescribed medication
  • Lifestyle changes to limit liquids and to routinely empty the bladder
  • Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Utilization of absorbent pads
  • Implementation of a catheter

These treatments will typically be very effective in managing symptoms of male urinary incontinence, though they will not be able to provide permanent relief. Individuals in search of a long-term treatment are highly encouraged to consider minimally invasive surgical methods.

Surgical Treatments for Urinary Incontinence

The AdVance XP Male Sling System

AdVance Male SlingThis sling is designed to provide additional support to existing bodily structures and functions. Stress urinary incontinence can cause a man’s sphincter muscle to become slack and weak, making it difficult for the muscle to tighten around the urethra and control urinary flow. The AdVance XP Male Sling improves upon the sphincter muscle’s ability by restoring tension to the muscle.

Made of soft, flexible mesh, the AdVance XP ale Sling fits effortlessly into place. This undetectable solution to urinary incontinence is highly effective in patients who suffer from stress urinary incontinence, and can restore function in just a few hours after the placement procedure.

The entire process is performed using a couple of small incisions. Through these openings, Dr. Loeb is able to maneuver the sling into proper position and restore full sphincter function. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that patients are able to return home shortly after surgery.

AMS 800 Urinary Control System

Urinary Incontinence Treatment DeviceA sling is not always the best approach to treating urinary incontinence in every patient, which is why Dr. Loeb is proud to offer another highly effective solution, the AMS 800 Urinary Control System. While the AdVance XP Male Sling System helps to improve the function of a man’s sphincter, the AMS 800 Urinary Control System assumes the role of the sphincter entirely.

This treatment device is also known as an artificial urinary sphincter (AUS). As the name would suggest, the device mimics the sphincter by simultaneously tightening and loosening a cuff around the urethra to control the flow of urine from the bladder. This process is made possible by a pump located in the scrotum which, when squeezed gently, releases the cuff’s pressure from around the urethra to let urine pass through.

The AMS 800 Urinary Control System is completely contained within the body, making it totally invisible without the use of a medical imaging device. This provides patients with a discreet way to alleviate their urinary incontinence symptoms that may not be possible with non-surgical methods such as absorbent pads or a catheter.

Additional Details About the Procedure

Please refer to the animated video below for more information about the insertion of the AMS 800 Urinary Control System:

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