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Men’s Health Specialist

As a leader in the field of men’s health, Dr. Loeb has helped numerous men with sexual health issues. He has devoted his practice to educating men on men’s health issues, such as Low-T and ED.

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If you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), Dr. Loeb can help. There are many effective treatments available, both nonsurgical and surgical. Patients who need surgery for ED can trust in the expertise of Dr. Loeb, who is one of the leading penile prosthetic surgeons in the country.

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Urologist Dr. Loeb offers medical and surgical care in the diagnosis and treatment of male urinary conditions including the following services.

Male Sexual and Reproductive Health

A very common group of conditions that urology covers is reproductive health. This is anything relating to a male’s ability to reproduce. Reproductive health conditions include low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and also infertility.

Male Incontinence and Urinary Issues

Many people experience urinary incontinence, both men and women. Additionally, we also treat conditions such as Kidney Stones and BPH, which can cause issues with your urinary tract and bladder health.